By Mike Westerdal
Personal Trainer, Powerbuilder, Best Selling Fitness Author
and former skinny runt who struggled to make the team

Have you ever found yourself wondering what’s the most effective way to gain not just lean muscle but strength at the same time?

After all powerlifters are big and strong but they’re not often sculpted. Bodybuilders look good but aren’t necessarily all that strong.

PowerBuilders though, they combine the best of both worldsthe strength of the powerlifter with the ripped, sculpted look of the bodybuilder.

Allow me to tell you about an IFBB champion by the name of Chuck Sipes who was considered bodybuilding’s “Iron Knight” and appropriately nicknamed, “The Power Storm!”   As the original PowerBuilder Chuck discovered the secret to combining the brute strength of powerlifting with the lean muscular physique of bodybuilding, going on to become one of the iron game’s most legendary figures.

But before that, he was an underweight high school kid told he couldn’t make the football team because he was just too damn skinny (just like me!).

In just a few moments I’ll tell you how you can get your hands on a rare collection of Chuck Sipes training methods & principles.  But first I want you to pay close attention, because I’m about to give you four of Chuck’s best powerbuilding pointers to help you gain size and strength (the old school way.)

Start with a set of barbell curl 21’s.

Exercise 1:  Barbell Curl Twenty-Ones
Perform 7 partial reps from the start point to midway point.  Without resting now perform 7 partial reps from the midway point to the top of the movement followed by 7 full range barbell curls.  7+7+7=21, which is why this one set includes 21 reps.

Now alternate to the second exercise.

Exercise 2:  Barbell Cheat Curls
Since these are cheat curls you can use a heavier weight and it’s okay to use some momentum.  A slight swing and a bend in the knees is acceptable but don’t overdo it.   Perform 4 sets of 4 reps of barbell cheat curls.

Repeat this FOUR times!

In total you will have completed 4 sets of Barbell Curl 21’s and 16 sets of 4-rep Cheat Curls.  I know it sounds like a lot doesn’t it?  This is only to be used once per month.  To show you how well this works – at 5’10 inches tall Sipes had 19.5 inch arms and could perform STRICT barbell curls with an incredible 250 pounds!

This is a great way to pull to the front of the pack and leave your buddies in the dust.  The 1 to 10 to 1 technique is used with pull-ups and dips. Try this and you’ll see amazing results in just two weeks. You start with 1 rep, rest 10 seconds, then do 2 reps, rest 10 seconds and keep going until you have done 10 reps then work back down to 1 rep in the reverse manner.

If this is too advanced for you, try putting your knee through a hanging exercise band for some added assistance.

One major thing I have noted about all the training advice from Chuck is his constant belief that one should constantly strive strive to include heavy supporting movements to build up the tendon and ligament strength.  As you probably know often times your tendons and ligaments are the weak areas that can hold you back from getting stronger and adding more weight to the bar.

That’s why Chuck recommended using “heavy negatives” when doing bench presses.  The eccentric (or negative) movement is great for muscle building while at the same time strengthening your tendons and ligaments allowing you to lift more weight attaining more muscle and strength.

When performing Heavy Negative Resistance Reps on the bench press, fight the weight down very slowly to the chest, using about 100 pounds over your best maximum bench press.  Use spotters or a power cage for this method.

In 1968 Chuck Sipes won the Mr. World Contest.  A few years after this contest, Chuck was rooming with another famous bodybuilder overseas during a posing exhibition.

To Chuck’s surprise he walked in on his roommate with a needle in his butt!

After asking what was going on he was told, “Oh, you have to do this to compete these days.”

NOPE.  Chuck did not have to and he wrote an article the following year for Muscle Training Illustrated entitled, “HELP! DRUGS ARE DESTROYING MUSLCE-MEN.”

Chuck personally decided to retire from competitive bodybuilding rather than take the steroids that were being used by other competitors.

Mr. Sipes was an advocate of natural bodybuilding.  He knew that when someone takes steroids their natural production of hormones would cease and they could be relying on synthetic hormones for the rest of their lives which is not a good thing.

If you learn one thing from this article I hope you realize that you do not need drugs to build a lean muscular and super strong physique beyond your wildest dreams.    I invite you to follow in the footsteps of Chuck Sipes, one of the greatest powerbuilders to ever live.

Unlock the Muscle-Strength Secrets of
Chuck Sipes, the “Power Storm”

A good friend of mine and fellow powerbuilder named Dennis B. Weis had the good fortune to be lifting weights back in the 60s during the Golden Age of Bodybuilding.

During that time, he got to know a lot of the greats including the one and only Chuck Sipes.   Dennis and Chuck developed a professional relationship, regularly talking on the phone and exchanging letters.

In the new “Chuck Sipes Power Storm” Package picture below, Dennis shares those conversations with the world and by doing so he provides the rest of us with the opportunity to gain insight into Chuck Sipes the man and the powerbuilding legend.

The late Chuck was a huge, thickly muscled man, not too tall but amazingly compact and massive.

He had ruggedness written over his physiognomy and a broad grin for everyone.   He had a cheerful attitude everywhere he went, however when he began a workout, his concentration was so laser focused that it was obvious to those around him that he did not want to be interrupted. This frame of mind netted him contest-winning results at the IFBB pro level.

Chuck wasn’t just a muscle model he had strength & size!

At around 5’10 he weighed 220 lbs and could bench 570 lbs! (no gear) That is insane!  His arms were 19.5 inches and he had a 50 inch chest.

Did I mention he could do full squats with 600lbs and do curls with 250 lbs?

Impressed yet?  If so get ready to step back into the 60s and look into the mind of one of pro bodybuilding’s best. Discover the training & nutrition strategies that Chuck used to win an IFBB show and build the body you see before you.

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  • A special bonus entitled, “Feats of Strength Revealed”.
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You will marvel as Chuck explains his revolutionary training and nutritional philosophies that allowed him to obtain his best gains ever in titanic size, shape, and brazen muscularity. 

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Not Only an Elite Contest-Winning Bodybuilder
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When Chuck started competing, bodybuilding fans knew they were seeing something special. Chuck didn’t let his fans down either, winning competition after competition.

As if that wasn’t enough, Chuck didn’t just have one of the most remarkable physiques of his time—he was also incredibly strong. He could bench nearly 600 pounds unassisted and often wowed audiences by bending bars at contests and performing other insane feats of strength.

Now,  you too can learn to lift like the Master.

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To A Stronger More Muscular You,

Mike Westerdal, CPT

P.S.  Chuck was all natural and built his amazingly strong, sculpted physique without using dangerous drugs. He built his phenomenal strength and impressive physique using nothing but sheer willpower, hard training and stamina. Chuck didn’t believe in steroids and was one of the era’s most outspoken critics of performance-enhancing drugs.

P.P.S.  As a scrawny, underweight high school kid to bodybuilding’s original Iron Knight you too can make a dramatic change to your body and life using the information he shares with you when you claim the Chuck Sipes Power Storm package.

If you didn’t know who the legendary PowerBuilder Chuck Sipes was, now you do!  Even today, years after his passing, Chuck is still counted among bodybuilding’s greatest legends.  Most bodybuilders today can’t even come close to achieving the strength and jaw-dropping physique that Chuck did, using nothing more than what you’ll find in this special edition package.


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