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Basic Barbell Exercises Routine – Download Here

Your FREE PDF, BASIC BARBELL EXERCISES is a just one routine from the new Hampton Strength Systems I’ll tell you about shortly.   It is made up mostly of the most basic of the barbell exercises.  Most of these exercises are all “compound exercises”.

Compound exercises involve multiple muscles and joints. For instance, the military press and the squat compound exercises.  The military press involves the elbow and shoulder joints and the front shoulder muscle and triceps muscle.  Therefore, it’s a compound exercise.  The squat involves the joints of the knees, hips, back and the muscles in the upper thighs, buttocks and back.  It also is a compound exercise.

On the other hand, exercises such as the Barbell curl and Heel raises are isolation exercises.  That means they only work one joint and one muscle.  The barbell curl works the elbow joint and the biceps muscle.  And the heel raises involve the joint of the ankle and the calf muscle of the lower leg.  Most of the exercises in this routine are compound exercises although there are a few isolation exercises as well.

Compound exercises are best for building over all body strength and conditioning.  This is usually what most people want to accomplish.  This routine is perfect for the working man or woman that just does not have a lot of time to spend on high intensity-time consuming routines but still wants to improve their strength and endurance levels.

This routine is to be followed 2-3 times a week, depending on your time.

Been training for longer than a year?

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Underground Training Methods That Transformed A Scrawny Former Marathon Runner Into A Massive Power-Bodybuilder… Bench Pressing 515 Lbs & Developing Overall Body Strength & Muscle Size

From:  Mike Westerdal, CriticalBench.com
Subject:  Hampton Strength Systems

There seems to be an accepted notion that aesthetic bodybuilding techniques can’t be integrated within the structure of an empirical powerlifting workout program.  I firmly believe otherwise.

It has been my observation upon viewing the iron game there are two types of people.  First there are those who are pumpers and toners and secondly there are those who concentrate on the brute power of heavy lifting alone.

That is until recently when we have a metamorphosis of a third type of hybrid person who trains to combine the best of both worlds.  It involves the nice blood choked pump of the bodybuilder yet it’s got the rugged and capable power of a strength athlete.

When you combine these two approaches you have what is called powerbuilding or powerbodybuilding.

Powerbodybuilding can be used by competitive bodybuilders as well.  It’s great for the early cycle in which a bodybuilder is embarked on the critical muscle mass building phase.  For the contest entering and winning bodybuilder it is important for him to be perceived as someone who doesn’t just have herculean size which is ALL SHOW and NO GO.

There’s a stereotype out there that bodybuilders are not very strong.  Using a powerbodybuilding method at the beginning of their contest cycle they’ll be able to back up the great cosmetic physique with some real world strength and power.

Likewise a strength athlete or powerlifter would like for the public to perceive them as not just someone that lifts heavy iron, but also has the rugged, solid and capable look of a finely tuned athlete.

One of the saddest things I have observed especially in the powerlifting arena is that of some of the lighter weight lifters.

Many of them possess tremendous tendon and ligament strength but yet as far as overall behemoth muscular bulk they just don’t have it. And when you throw a long sleeved shirt and tie on them they pretty much blend with the masses of the general public.

Personally, that bothers me. Granted, tendon and ligament strength is important, I admit to that. But I’ve observed lifters with larger physiques than mine that move much less heavy iron than I do. I feel that they’re more into a pump phase of training, which is fine, but deep down I know they desperately want to  possess more superhuman strength and power. Enter POWERBODYBUILDING.

I am not the lone proponent of the POWERBODYBUILDING movement (I am only seeking to introduce a renewed interest in this powerful training component), there have been others over the span of the last 60 years.

Some of the most notable luminaries of this movement that I can think of offhand includes and is not limited to: Malcom Brenner, Franco Columbu, Jeff Everson, Lou Ferrigno, John Carl Grimek, Donne Hale, Mike & Ray Mentzer, Sergio Oliva, Reg Park, Bill Pearl, Clancy ross, Bill Seno, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Sipes and Dorian Yates, just to name a few.

All of the guys I have just mentioned have been great assets to the physique game because for them to get the size they possessed they had to do some heavy, heavy lifting and if you looked at their workout programs you could see that they combined heavy tendon and ligament building movements with the muscle sculpting movements of the cosmetic bodybuilder.

It was not uncommon for Franco Columbu to bench in the high 400’s or deadlift  over 700 pounds for a big triple. In tests of power, moving a huge weight in a short movement, deadlifts, squats, supports were all easy for John Carl Grimek. Clancy Ross was fully capable of getting 180-pound dumbbells in position self-assisted for some heft incline work.

And who can forget Chuck Sipes who could squat 6 to 700 pounds and bench nearly 600 pounds, when nobody else near his bodyweight was even close.  Plus he was an IFBB super-star bodybuilder to boot.

It’s not by accident that all of the names I have mentioned have ended up at the top in the iron game. They not only looked the part (cosmetic bodybuilder) but they all could push the heavy iron that the general public perceived of them.

Another big advocate of powerbodybuilding is a gentleman by the name of Dave Hampton who I’ve been fortunate enough to learn a lot about.  Dave reaped the rewards of this style of training first hand but it didn’t come easy.

You see Dave Hampton struggled for years gaining strength and muscle.  He  used to run 10K’s, marathons, biked, swam, rowed, hiked and trained to be fit.  The problem was he wasn’t very strong or muscular looking at all.  In addition to the activities just mentioned all Dave did for weight training was assistance exercises.  He never utilized the meat and potatoes of gaining strength and size, exercises like the bench press and squat for example.  In fact if he ever did bench or squat he would never go over 135 lbs.

Once Dave realized that strength training is the key to gaining muscle mass and a powerful physique things started changing fast for him.

Having submerged himself in study mode he pulled together all the information he could find on gaining mass and getting stronger.  He put all this data together, even made a few things up on his own, and then set out on some serious strength training.

After three years of switching to a “strength training rather than fitness approach” he was able to  bench press 405 lbs. for 5 reps and benched a maximum of 450 lbs. on three different occasions.

Dave Hampton also performed several Feats of Strength; a one arm jerk press with a 150 pound dumbbell, pulling a 10 ton dump truck, a pickup truck and two cars chained together for 100 feet, he broke seven 2 inch concrete blocks stacked on top of each other with a single blow from his fist, and lifted 1300 pounds 2 inches off a platform in a back style lift, and lifted the back end of his Ford Escort off the ground for reps.

Two years later he benched over 500 for the first time, doing 515 for one strong rep.  That’s 2 years after first benching 450 and 5 years after starting his strength training and bench pressing quest.

He even went on to become a gym owner and the very system that he follows to this day has been used by a small group of lifters who train with him at Dave’s Gym & Barbell Club.

These guys are interested in big benching while packing on muscle mass on their entire frames.  They have all made great gains while following the methods.

My good friend and Iron Game Columnist Dennis B. Weis and I were able to pick the brain of David Hampton and extract every nugget of strength and muscle building information that had been previously locked up in his underground gym.   We were able to learn about several different workouts systems that we collectively decided to call Hampton Strength Systems.

I’ll explain each one below for you but only read on if you’re interested in gaining quality muscle mass plus muscle max strength increases.

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Bench Mode Training Manual & Training Logs

BENCH MODE is a full body power-bodybuilding program that is designed to increase your bench press fast.

What makes this program different is the power-bodybuilding approach which allows you to train for the  blood choked pump of a bodybuilder yet develop the brute power of a strength athlete at the same time.

If you’re strong  you need to look like a finely tuned athlete.  Ligament and tendon strength aren’t going to look good in a long sleeved shirt.  Likewise if you if you train purely for the pump with herculean size you still need to back up your cosmetic physique with some strength and power.

Enter Bench Mode!  The premier 16-week power-bodybuilding program that incorporates 4-cycles of training.  Includes percentages you’ll lift in the bench and squat along with partial training, volume training, deloads and assistance lifts.

[$49.99 Value]

Book Of Methods

Dave is always quick to point out that he is not a powerlifter. He is a strongman who performs – feats of strength, and over the last decade has created many – different strength training methods, many of which are contrary to the conventional wisdom of training.

The strength training methods espoused in this book have worked incredibly well for Dave and many others who come to him for such advice. Be warned these are not the typical strength training methods you’ve seen before.

This Book also includes Specialization Training Routines for:  How to Build a Strong Back, Building Powerful Legs, How to Build a Muscular Chest, Developing Large Shoulders plus How to Build Large Triceps & Biceps.

[$39.99 Value]

Specialized Training for Feats of Strength

big Dave Hampton reveals the planning, strategies and specific type-of training that is involved in the performance of feats of strength.

He reveals how to pinpoint the specific muscles that are involved with each particular feat of strength that he performs and how he goes about training the involved muscles with specific exercises that virtually mimic the muscle action of the feat of strength he will be performing.

For instance, when pulling dump trucks or cars chained together, performing barbell back squats to build a foundation of leg strength is a waste of time and effort. Why? Because squatting action does not contribute to the success of the two feats of strength just mentioned. In this book you will learn the seldom revealed strength methods necessary for performing feats of strength.

He’ll talk in detail about his training philosophies and why they work! He offers examples such as power lifters who are bigger and stronger in the squat, bench press and deadlift but cannot even come close to performing the feats of strength that he -performs on a regular basis.

[$19.99 Value]

Progressive-Rep Training

For Building Tremendous Arm Strength! 

The simple technique revealed in this chapter will blast your strength into another realm, if you keep at it consistently. learning this simple secret which, when applied, will keep turning your strength up level after level and most importantly keep you injury free. It’s a technique no strength athlete should do without!

While it can be used in conjunction with just about any straight line movement. compound or isolation movements such as all the power lifts, Olympic lifts, presses, curls and pull-downs.

It was primarily developed to increase biceps strength for Strict Curl contests.

[$17 Value]

Since you are visiting this web page during the initial release you have the opportunity to claim the entire system (worth $127) for a one-time payment of only:


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Your Overall Strength & Muscular Size Will Definitely Increase!

There’s a big difference between muscle bulk training and pump training.

When a bodybuilder or a powerlifter bulk train they use heavy, heavy weights that tear down deep muscle tissue membranes.  The muscle rebounds (recovers) and grows abundantly.  This is what we call ultimate hypertrophy.

On the other if a bodybuilder or powerlifter subjects themselves to light pumping movements they’ll gorge the muscle with blood literally.  I call this a suck pump.  Granted this type of training will shape and bring up the muscularity of the muscle bellies but it lacks the integrity of bulk training.

If you want to retain the transitory muscle thickness that you experienced with the flush pump training than you will have to include the deep tearing down of the heavy weight training.

It’s simply one of the best ways to retain muscle thickness (density) where in the morning you wake up and you still look pretty big.

Hampton Strength Systems and especially the Bench Mode program has been geared toward those that desire Total Development.  With this power-bodybuilding program you will certainly experience overall strength and size increases.

This is because the program is physiologically constructed to provide heavy intensity work (muscle bulk training) for size and strength and volume high rep work (flush pump training) to add fullness and vascularity to the muscles.

Order your copy of Hampton Strength Systems today to get the look of a physique competitor with the power of a strength athlete.

Keep training hard,

Mike Westerdal, CPT
criticabench1 at gmail.com

P.S. Hampton Strength Systems come with an Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You have 60-Day to try the full system out and start experiencing the results.  If you’re not happy you get your money back, no hassles, no questions asked.  We have so much confidence in this product if this helps settle any doubt you might have, we’re glad to do it, because we want to see you join the ranks of the elite!  And that’s not going to happen unless you take action today.

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